Our mom is the most important person to us in the whole world and losing her would have been unbearable because she is irreplaceable.  The reason she is still with us today is because she detected her cancer in the early stages.

Many mothers and important women in our lives do not get routine check-ups and mammograms or check themselves on a monthly basis because they are so busy thinking about their kids' needs.  Too often these selfless women do not take time for themselves.  We wanted a way to make them understand that getting checked regularly increases the chances of early detection; therefore, these increased checks could lead to early detection, which would result in an increased survival rate.  An increased survival rate is our main goal since we kids cannot live without these important women... they're irreplaceable.

We decided to send out a fill-in-the-blank-letter to schools,  so that the students could fill out the letter with all the special things their irreplaceable person does for them that could not be done if she was not with them due to cancer.

We hope this project of ours is received well by the schools, students, and most importantly, mothers.  Remember, grandmas, aunts, and sisters are all moms, too.  We hope to save lives one letter and one irreplaceable woman at a time...