Dear Principals,
One of my students, Michele Mellick, has developed a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign entitled "Project Irreplaceable".  Project Irreplaceable is a campaign that encourages mothers to do a self exam and schedule a check-up for breast cancer by promoting the importance of early detection to students during the month of October.  I would ask that you look at the attached letter from Michele and her brother and sister and seriously consider participating in the campaign.  I have also attached the worksheet that is to be given to your students.  This campaign is aimed at middle and high school students across the country, so, if you know of a principal that may not be on my list please forward them this email.  If you are willing to participate, please email Michele at to let her know that you are "on board". You can also email Michele if you have any suggestions on how she could reach more moms or improve the project.  The website for her campaign is if you would like to find out more about her project.  Thank you in advance for condsidering this important and valuable project.


Mike Ghilani

Upper St. Clair High School__________________________________________________________________________________


As the co-sponsor of the Greensburg Salem High School Student Council Association, I am honored to inform you that our school will be participating in Project Irreplaceable.  I will distribute the letters to each of our students and encourage them to follow through with the project.  I personally want to commend you and your siblings for taking on such a meaningful project.  I lost my mother to colon cancer in 2006 and know all too well how irreplaceable she is.  Thank you,

David V. Redinger

David V. Redinger 

GSSD Math Teacher


Hi Michele,

What a wonderful idea you had.  I am happy to hear that your mother is doing well.  I am a Health and Physical Education teacher at Plum Senior High School.  I will be using your letter as a project in my freshmen Health classes.  I am extending it to include not only mothers, but also grandmas, aunts or any other female that is important in the life of my students.  Feel free to contact me via email if you need any additional information.

Thank you,

Jessica Boynton


Hello my name is Malinda Valenti.  I teach girls Health and PE at Kiski Area Intermediate Schoo.  It is located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  My principal sent me your letter about your mission to spread the word about breast cancer.  Each year I give my students information about breast cancer and I have them do a research project.  I loved your letter to moms and I am going to use it for the first time this year and I promise to continue to use it year after year.  Best wishes and good luck with all your efforts to spread the word about awareness.

Malinda Valenti :)



I will be glad to support this campaign with my Wellness 9th grade students.  Cancer is obviously becoming more and more prevalent in everyone’s life in some way.  Whether that it is a family member, friend, neighbor, etcc.  Everyone can think of someone who has lost their battle with , is currently fighting, or has fortunately been declared cancer free.  Thank you for your time in organizing this great campaign, students need to recognize that this is something REAL which can unfortunately someday effect their moms or themselves.  Not only is this great to get their moms understanding but the students understanding in their own lives that this could someday be a problem for themselves.  Good work. 

Greg Mihalik

Hampton High School


I read your email exchange with Mr. Teti regarding the breast cancer campaign.  I would certainly like to support this.  Could you send me a sample letter that we could make available to our mothers?


Tim Chirdon


Serra Catholic High School



My name is Amanda Kinneer and I am the principal of Beth-Center Middle School. We are having a PINK OUT at tomorrow nights football game in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. At the Middle School we will be writing letters to the important women (mothers, grandmothers, and aunts) in our lives using the template on your website. Thank you so much for the opportunity to let these women know that they are IRREPLACEABLE!


Amanda Kinneer


Bethlehem-Center Middle School