About Us

We are three children whose mom is a breast cancer survivor.  This disease has greatly impacted us, and we wanted a way to help others.  When our mom was going through treatment and surgeries, we had help from friends,  family, and even people we didn't know.  We hope this project can be a way to "pay it forward."  

Over the years, we have had some incredible participation from a variety of entities from schools incorporating the letter-writing campaign into their school curriculum to hosting annual events.

Some of the ways people have participated include:

  • Over 25 schools distributing the Project Irreplaceable Letters to students
  • High schools and universities hosting "Pink Outs" for various athletic events, creating Project Irreplaceable videos that were shared on social media, and distributing the Project Irreplaceable materials to raise awareness
  • First Niagara Bank had a "Project Irreplaceable Day" for their employees to write letters to the irreplaceable women in their lives

We can only expand this project with the help of others who believe in the value of early detection.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Pictured: Ricky, Rick, Cathy, Christine, and Michele Mellick